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1.Continue processing the institution of research compensation:
¡@(2)Compensations inside the campus:
¡@¡@b. Appraising procedure for teachers¡¦ excellent performances:
¡@¡@¡@Processing recommendations and selections in each May.
¡@¡@¡@The reward will be at least much than NT$100,000 for each
¡@¡@¡@one, and proclaimed in the public ceremony. There were 92
¡@¡@¡@people awarded from 1989 academic year till now.
¡@¡@c. Procedure for compensating teachers¡¦ display of
¡@¡@¡@dissertations: The dissertation, which passes the review of
¡@¡@¡@Academic Examination Committee could receive 80% of
¡@¡@¡@the fee for demonstration on national, international
¡@¡@¡@periodicals. The limit of compensation will be NT$10,000.
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