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Museum Hours

  • 9:00am-5:00pm Tuesday through Sunday including holidays.
  • Closed Monday and the day following a national holiday.
    Also, closed during the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn
    Festival, Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve, and winter vacation.

Telephone & Fax

  • Telephone: (02) 2623-8343, (02) 2621-5656 ext. 2618, 2619, 2650
  • FAX: (02) 2622-6149

Address & Traffic


Tamsui Taipei Hsien, Taiwan 25137
Republic of China

How to get there?


The quickest way to get to Tamsui is to take the MRT. the ride on the Tamsui line takes about 40 minutes. From the MRT station in Tamsui, Tamkang University is about a 10 minute  walk up Yingchung Rd.

 By Bus

Chihnan Bus Company's Tamsui express and their No. 2 bus to Tamsui both depart from Tacheng Street near Taipei City's Noethern Gate, which is close to the Taipei Train Train Station. Taiwan Bus Company  buses to Tamsui leaving from the Public Insurance building at Kungyuan Rd.. Get off in Tamsui, opposite the MRT Tamsui Station. From there to Tamkang University is about a 10 minute walk up Yingchuan Rd.

 By Car

Follow Provincial Route 2-B to connect with Provincial Route 2 in Kuantu and proceed to Tengkung Li in Tamsui. Turn right at the traffic light and follow Hsueh Fu Rd. to Tamkang University.

Tamkang University is proud to be able to share this legacy of nautical history.  Admission to the museum is free.

The Tamkang University Maritime Museum is a five-story ship-shaped building located on the scenic Tamsui campus of Tamkang University in Tamsui Township.

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Maritime Museum
Tamkang University
Tamsui Taipei Hsien, Taiwan 25137
TelephoneG (02) 2623-8343, (02) 2621- 5656 ext. 2618B 2619B2650C
FAXG (02) 2623-8343C