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Undergraduate Courses

A0104 History of Chinese Literature (I)(2/2) Designed to develop student's interest in the appreciation of literary works by surveying the past periods, their characteristics, and styles.

A0105 History of Chinese Literature (II)(2/2) An introduction to the interactin between literary development and socio-political factors in different periods; and a study of the formation of styles and characteristics.

A0113 Shih Chi(2/2) To study Shih Chi and its influence on literature through a study of the historical value of the author's technique.

A0149 Wen Hsin Tiao Lung(0/2) Examines the essence of Wen-hsin-tiao-lung, and teaches students how to appreciate and criticize literary works.

A0149 Wen-xin-diao-long(2/0) Study on the essays which Xiao-tong edited on the Liang Dynasty and analyze on their aesthetics.

A0150 Chinese Paleography(2/2) Studies the structure of Chinese characters.

A0168 Introduction to Literature(2/2) Introduces students to the basic concepts of literature and to both Chinese and Western literary theories and criticism so as to enhance their ability in appreciating and criticizing literary works. Prepares students for more advanced studies in comparative literature.

A0294 Bibliography (2/2) To realize the catalogue of Chinese classic volumes and try to make exercises on different department of the volumes.

A0306 Lao Tze(2/0) A study of the two volumes of Lao Tze, explanation of Tao and Te, and interpretation of Lao Tze's thought.

A0389 Shang Shu(2/2) A study of political events in yu, Hsia, Shang, and Chou Dynasties recorded in Shang Shu.

A0444 Study Methodology(2/2) introduces students to reference books, methodology, and logic.

A0546 Rhetoric(2/2) a study of the principles of writing.

A0606 Hwai-nan-ze(2/0) Study on Taoism in the period of Han.

A0650 Chuang-tzu(2/2) a study of Chuang-tzu's philosophy with additional writing practice for students.

A0713 Shih-jing(2/2) an introduction to Yueh-fu Poetry of the Han Dynasty and an analysis of the historical significance expressed in the poems.

A0804 Yuefu Poems (2/0) Study on the history and construction of Yuefu in ancient China.

A0825 Mo-ze(2/0) A study of Mo-ze’s philosophy with additional writing practice for students.

A0834 Applied Chinese(2/0) an introduction to the basic priciples, style, and structure of news writing; and an analysis of the purposes, significance and skills of different types of news writing.

A0902 Stories of Three Countries(2/0) A study on histories of Wei, Shu and Wu and personalities of their main roles.

A0991 History of Chinese Philosophy (I)(2/2) a survey of the development and origin of Chinese philosophy I, II tracing the spirit and value of Chinese culture.

A0992 History of Chinese Philosophy (II)(2/2) a survey of the development and origin of Chinese philosophy I, II tracing the spirit and value of Chinese culture.

A1227 Chinese Editing and Interviewing(2/2) Training of critical thinking and news writing so as to cultivate the principle concepts about interviewing and news editing.

A1376 Expression in Spoken and Written Chinese(2/0) Promotes students' ability of spoken and written Chinese by analyses of theories, case study, exercises, and discussion.

A1486 Classical Novels(2/2) Study on the history ,styles and thoughts of Chinese ancient novels.

A2021 Modern Poems and Creation(2/2) Interpretation and comprehension on modern poems and try to create poems.

A2022 Chinese Grammar(2/2) Analyses of semantics, Syntax, and common idioms.

A2023 Introduction to Taiwanese Language(2/2) an introduction to Taiwanese language, its definition, rhymes, signs, and its relationship to Mandarin and old Chinese.

A2025 Classical Drama(2/2) Focuses on the different kinds of drama in various periods; students’ participation by means of playing-writing, performance and investigation.

A2033 Thesis Writing(2/0) Teaching the ways of writing a paper or academic thesis.

A2306 Selected Readings and Creation on Women Novels(3/0) Instruction to the thoughts of the seven branches of western feminism; selected readings in feminism and classical works.

T0015 Study on Problems of Mainland China(2/2) Discuss contemporary problems such as politics, economy and culture in Mainland China.

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