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Graduate Courses: Master's Program

A0164 Literary-sociology(2/0) Discuss the relationship between literature and society; introduction on theories of western literary-sociology.

A0444 Research Methods(2/2) a study of the significance and influence of language analysis in contemporary philiosophy; a guide to academic research by cultivating clear concepts and logical argument.

A1079 Chinese Phonetics(2/0) an analysis of Chinese with linguistic concepts and methods in order to appreciate the beauty of Chinese.

A1472 Selected Topic on History of Chinese Philosophy(3/0) A Survey of the development and origin of Chinese philosophy and tracing the spirit and value of Chinese culture.

A1486 Study of Classical Novels(2/2) discussion and clarification of the fields neglected and misunderstood by novel critics so as to expand the academic study of classical novels.

A1705 Selected Topic on Taoism(2/2) Study on philosophy of Lao-ze and Zhuang-ze.

A1738 Study of Chinese Mythology(2/2) a systematic study of the rise of myths, the boundary between myths and non-myths, and the significance of myths.

A1992 Chinese Ching Studies(2/0) based on Pyi Shyi-ruey's History of Ching; studies Spring & Autumn Annals in terms of Tso Chuan and King Yang.

A1994 Chinese Bibliography on Network(2/0) Search out academic data on network.

A2066 Selected Topic on History of Modern Literature(2/2) Tracing the history of modern Chinese literature and analyze on the relationship between society and novels, poems and essays.

A2338 Selected Topic on Chinese Classical Volumes(2/2) A Study of the development of Chinese classical volumes and set various kinds of file cases when studying.

T8000 Thesis(4/0) Master Degree Thesis.

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