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Graduate Courses: Ph.D. Program

A1600 Study on Poetry(2/2) Appreciation on different styles and techniques Chinese ancient poems.

A1984 Chinese Academic History(2/2) Study on history, branches, and theories of Chinese ancient academy.

A1985 Study on Modern Chinese Literary Theories(2/2) Introduction on western literary theories and selected readings on modern novels.

A2073 Study on Chinese-western Aesthetics(2/2) Introduction on western aesthetics from Hegal and Chinese aesthetics from Wei and Jin Dynasties.

A2286 Study on Bibliography(2/2) To realize the catalogue of Chinese classic volumes and try to make exercises on different department of the volumes.

A2288 Compared with Chinese and Western Philosophy(3/3) Discuss the relationship and the differences between Chinese and western philosophy.

A2305 Selected Topic on Contemporary Neo-Confucianism(2/2) Study on the history, heritage and change of neo-Confucianism; discuss thoughts of contemporary neo-Confucianism.

T8000 Thesis(6/0) Ph. D Thesis




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