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Summary of Dept. Of Chinese

Part I: Characteristics of Dept. Of Chinese

Topic: A Family with “Looking forward by reviewing the past; Learning the world and practice in society ”

Born on 1965 at Tamsui; MA Degree was founded on 1988; Ph.D was founded 1999.

Purpose: To cultivate independant spirit for reaearch; to practice Chinese cultural meaning nowadays.

Part II: Academic Activities

Topic: Navigate in a high tide: the most important department of Chinese with vitality in Taiwan.

Part III: Publications

Topic: Glorious volumns

“Blue Star Poetry”(Quarterly)

The first publication was edited on March 1999, it had got excellent poetry prize for many times.

“Journal of Chinese Literature”(Semi-annual)

In order to practice the purpose of globolization, it accepted papers all over the world and examed by specialists in Taiwan to raise the academic standard.


Collected papers of graduate students at Dept. Of Chinese Literature, Tamkang University.

“Learning” (Annual)

Collected papers of college students at Dept. Of Chinese Literature, Tamkang University.

“Collection of Wu-hu-gang Literary Prize”

To hold literary competition rountinely and edit works to encourge students to create.

Part IV: Activities for studying

Topic: Delivering talos, teaching lessons and solving problems

Inheritting cultures, creating knowledge and counselling life to make all people have new spirits at Dept. Of Chinese Literature.

Honorary Professor

Fu Hsi-jen (傅錫壬)

Chang Shung-in(張雙英), Wu Jhe-fu(吳哲夫), Lu Kou-ping (盧國屏), Kao Po-yuan (高柏園), Chen Ching-huang (陳慶煌), Ho Chim-lan (何金蘭), Chou Yen-wen (周彥文), Chao Wei-min (趙衛民), Chen Wen-hua (陳文華), Huang Fu-shan (黃復山), Liu Jeng-huei (呂正惠), Tseng Chao-hsu (曾昭旭), Wang Bang-shiung (王邦雄), Yan Guen-yang (顏崑陽), Yuan Pau-hsin(袁保新), Tsui Cheng-tsong(崔成宗), Chang Bing-huang(張炳煌)

Associate Professors
Wang Lih-hwa (王麗華), Ku Tai-kuang(古苔光), Ni Tai-ying(倪台瑛), Ma Ming-hau(馬銘浩), Chen Zouei-sieou(陳瑞秀), Yin Shan-pei(殷善培), Chen Shi-hwa (陳仕華),

Assistant Professors
Chen Ta-tao(陳大道), Chou Der-liang(周德良), Huang Lee-ching(黃麗卿) , Kao Wan-yu(高婉瑜)

New Subject

單 位
6 中文系 女性詩與散文的選讀及創作 A2282 Selected Readings and Creation on Female poems and Essays
7 中文系 網路中文資源 A2301 Chinese Resources on Network
8 中文系 中國哲學的現況與未來 A2302 The Conditions Nowadays and th efuture of chinese Philosophy
9 中文系 女性小說的選讀及創作 A2306 Selected Readings and Creation on Female Fictions


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