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Chairman: Shung-in Chang


   The Department of Chinese seeks to create a Chinese culture for this generation by combining classicism and modernism. It adheres to the ideals of the nurturing spirit of the humanities and promotes cultural quality through a deep search of traditional Chinese learning, as well as through constant inquiring into the relationship between traditional Chinese learning and contemporary culture by manifold academic exchange activities.

   The Department also offers an evening school bachelor’s program, with the purpose of extending the opportunity for those who are unable to pursue studies during the daytime.

   The Master's Program Graduate Instistute of Chinese Literature, founded in 1988(M.A. Degree) and 1999 (Ph.D.), has the major objective of integrating Chinese literature and aesthetics, traditional society and culture. The MA as well as Ph.D. degrees require two or more years of intensive study and research in the field of Chinese literature, arts, philosophy and culture.






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