Global Source

Guiding Questions:

l How are our understandings of the global changing?

l Does humanity have a global mind? A soul?

l What are the possibilities of deep global action?

l What are contrasting approaches to human thrival? How can we move from survival to thrival?

l How do the inner and outer dimension of humanity's evolution interact?

l How will revolutions in science and technology impact human and gaian evolution?

Dear Colleagues
We look forward to greeting you at Tamkang University .
The title of the conference is unconventional, however, at Tamkang University we seek to push the envelope on futures thinking. As Alvin Toffler wrote many years ago, while education is derived from a particular image of the future, it also creates new images. These images define our possible futures. In this conference we seek to push beyond the economic focus of globalization and explore how humanity is becoming self-aware of both its possible and preferred futures, and the factors that limit their creation.

This conference thus seeks to broaden and deepen understandings of the futures of the global, exploring the notion of the discovery, imagination and creation of a global mind, even, self/soul.

It has three strands.
1. The pivotal role of science and technology – genetics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, brain science - in changing and speeding human evolution, even creating the possibility of the creation of a new species, certainly causing us to rethink evolution, at external and inner dimensions.
2.The changing imagination of the global, from the uncharted to empire to the global brain to the global market, and now to the ecumene, and next to …This is the global as collective conscious and collective unconscious – the transformative dimension of the global as myth.
3.The global as a site of collective problem solving, of the emergence of a global network of institutions focused on solving collective problems (global disasters, global governance, tribalism) leading to authentic global governance.

We look forward to seeing you at Tamkang University , and having meaningful dialogue with you on these issues. And most significantly we hope that these discussions will lead to transformative global actions.

Clement C.P.Chang

Founder, Tamkang Univeristy





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