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The Graduate Institute of Futures Studies commence from fall 2002. Its major objective is to integrate various disciplines to meet the megatrend of “learning revolution.” The institute emphasized a transdisciplinary approach in facing the new era of globalization, information-oriented education and future-oriented education. The institute also puts great emphasis on local society's historical and cultural development in a broader context of globalization. The students will receive long-range, forward-looking and integrative training so as to become future leaders that have insights and visions.

The institute also offers undergraduate futures courses in five major areas: futures studies in society, technology, economy, environment and politics. Besides, it has also designed correlated courses for graduate studies. Currently, the institute has published a scholarly quarterly periodical, Journal of Futures Studies, and has been actively ordering and exchanging essays, journals, and books, coordinating scholarly discussion via international conferences, workshops, and websites, and co-sponsoring seminars with World Future Society (WFS), World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF), and Foundation for the Future (FFF). The institute has also received a four-year research grant from the Ministry of Education to integrate undergraduate futures-related courses into a futures research program


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