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The Causal Layered Analysis Reader


Preface and acknowledgements

This book is divided into five parts. Part I introduces the causal layered analysis methodology its historical and conceptual context as well as research and workshop case studies. Part II presents essays (by Slaughter, Turnbull, Bussey, Graham and Canny, Kelly, and List) that compare CLA to other methods, as well as essays that use and locate layered analysis generally (Galtung, Shapiro, and Sardar); to some extent these predate CLA. The third part and the largest section of the book consists of case studies applying CLA in a wide range of areas, including, for example, genetic engineering, poverty, racism, globalisation, education, aviation, the global media, Japan, cities, and theories of intelligence (by Fricker, Milojevi?, Wildman, Gidley, Bussey, Kelly, Jones, May, Hill, White, Wright, Daffara, and Anthony). Part IV presents essays which constitute CLA as an evolving methodology (by de Simone, Ramos, and Russo). This section also includes a bibliographic narrative and a response to critics of CLA. The final part of the book includes charts, tables, and slides.

My thanks go to colleagues, friends, and course and workshop participants around the world over at least two decades, who have helped CLA grow as a theory and as a methodology. Without their insights, provocations, and questioning, CLA would remain a static, instead of a living and lived, methodology. From the University of Hawai'i , James Dator, Michael Shapiro, Johan Galtung, and Peter Manicas. From the World Futures Studies community, Richard Slaughter, Felix Marti, Tony Stevenson, Ivana Milojevi?, Sesh Velamoor, Zia Sardar, and Marcus Bussey. From Tamkang University, Clement Chang, Kuo-Hua Chen, Tze-Yun Yen, Yu-Man Tsai, Yi-Lin Ko, Tai-Ling Hsu, Meng-Chun Shih, and Yu-Yi Liu. And in Australia: from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Robert Elliott, Steve Gould, Phillip Daffara, and Marcus Anthony; from Brisbane City Council, Jennifer Bartlett; from Fuji-Xerox, Jenny Brice; from the Futures Foundation, Jan Lee Martin and Peter Saul; from Mt. Eliza Business College, Robert Burke; from Swinburne University of Technology, Jose Ramos, Alex Burns, and Peter Black; and from Queensland University of Technology, David Wright and Patricia Kelly.

And I would especially like to thank all the contributing authors for their persistence and for allowing us to publish their work in this compendium.

My thanks as well to my children, who have lived with CLA since birth.

Acknowledgements for specific chapters that had earlier incarnations elsewhere are provided in the endnotes throughout the text. However, I would like to especially mention Futures , Foresight , and the Journal of Futures Studies .


Sohail Inayatullah, December 2004




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