Rules for Manuscript Submission


The Style Sheet of Abstract and Articles for the Tamkang Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

        This journal is an academic publication for the humanities and social sciences issued by Tamkang University; it publishes original academic articles related to the various fields of the humanities and social sciences. It is an open forum and welcomes manuscript submissions. Articles submitted to this journal cannot appear in other publications. If an article is accepted for publication, the proofreading of it is the responsibility of the author. This journal does not offer any monetary remuneration for articles; however, each author can obtain free of charge 20 offprints of the article. (If an article originally published in this journal is copied elsewhere, please follow academic convention and clearly indicate: ¡§Originally published in Tamkang Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, vol. xx, pp. xx-xx¡¨. For detailed information, please visit our website http://www2.tku.edu.tw/~tkjour/).


Manuscript Format                       


Submitted manuscripts in English or Chinese should not in principle exceed 15,000 to 20,000 words; please use a number 12 font size to type a clean copy single spacing (every page should have 2.54 cm margins top and bottom, and 2.1 cm margins left and right).



All reference materials must be arranged by the author¡¦s last name (surname) by character stroke order in Chinese or alphabetically in English. The first page of each manuscript should consist of a Chinese abstract containing the following:



1.  Title of the article: the title should be clear and short.

2.  Name of the author: the author¡¦s name should be below the title.

3.  Article abstract: the abstract should be about 200 words or less; after the abstract is a list of key words (in principle there should not be more than 10 key words); they should be arranged by stroke order.

4.  Position and institution: after the author¡¦s name affix an asterisk (*); if there is more than one author, then affix two asterisks (**), three asterisks (***) and so on to make identification clear. The author¡¦s current position is noted at the bottom of the page and includes: name; official title; affiliated school, department, institute or research organization; and contact telephone number, fax number, email address, etc.




All manuscripts are without exception to be proofread by the author; this must be dealt with care and precision (especially the tables, figures and formulas). If there are any mistakes, please make the appropriate corrections on the last proofing, and after proofing, we will with utmost dispatch return the original.