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1.Departmental scholarships

Scholarship application rules application
College Student Service Scholarship (PDF file) scholarship application (ODF file)
College Student Poverty Scholarship(PDF file) scholarship application (ODF file)
Master's Class Entrance Freshmen Scholarship Rules (PDF file) Master's Class Entrance Freshmen Scholarship Application (ODF file)
PhD Class Entrance Freshman Scholarship Rules (PDF file) Phd Class Entrance Freshman scholarship application (ODF file)
PhD Class Entrance Freshman Scholarship Rules(Mainland) (PDF file)  

2. School scholarships

Please refer to the scholarship information of the Guidance Section website. (open a new window)

Please refer to the Office of Alumni Service and Resources Development website for scholarship information. (open a new window)

3. Other scholarships

See the latest announcement information

4. Go aboad Subsidy

According to the fundraising use of the Department of Chemistry, Tamkang University(960917) Article 4, paragraph 6: Mater, doctoral students to go abroad to publish papers, should be to other units (such as: National Science Council, Ministry of Education ..., etc.) to apply for subsidies , If the full amount of subsidies, the subsidy of the difference (to subsidize the registration fee and the ticket fee is limited), but each person to 20,000 yuan (Asia), 40,000 yuan (Europe and the United States) for the ceiling. Each student is limited to one subsidy per school year, and each school year is subject to a maximum of $ 40,000 per year.