The Doctor degree of Applied Science


Our PhD program concludes the resources and faculties from the three departments: mathematics, physics and chemistry, focusing on all kinds of material researches and multi-field co-operations, and hoping to foster students with a broad horizon and great potentials. We've integrated all courses and training programs, establishing a feature institution. Our aim is to provide students with modern, up-to-date, professional and multifaceted lessons and knowledge and to assist students develop specific skills for future careers.

The departments of mathematics and chemistry were founded in 1958; the department of physics was founded in 1963. There are bachelor, master, and doctor degrees in all the three departments. We are a prestigious science college with long history, and we were listed as one of the Excellent Science Colleges by MOE in 1975, the same level as NTU and NTHU. We have established the department of "Advanced Material Science" since 2015, mainly teaching the theories and courses about  nanotechnology, for the purpose of fostering related human resource to meet the need in industry.