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Equipment & Resources

1. College-level Laboratory

There are seven big laboratories in Chemistry Building. The labs are for experiments of general chemistry, physical chemistry, instrumental analysis, and organic chemistry. There are four middle-scale laboratories for experiments of inorganic chemistry, bio-chemistry, and material chemistry.

2. Laboratories for researches

There are sixty-five rooms, which are designed to perform experiments and research works for professors, graduate students, and college topic study students.

3. Precision Instruments and other instruments

In addition to various glass instrument and chemicals that are of daily uses, we have precision instruments room and many precision instruments for student operation in experiments. Here is a short list of instrument: BRUKER NMR Spectrometer, NMR 300 MHz and 600 MHz each, FT-IR, LC, GC/MS, MALDI-TOF/MS, UV/VIS/NIR, EPR, SEM, SPM, TGA, DSC, X-ray Powder Diffactometer, X-ray Single-Crystal Diffractometer, and AC Susceptometer.

4. Department Library

Our department has a library for exclusive use, containing more than 30 thousand books of chemistry and popularized science related topics, One hundred and more publishing Journals in Chinese and English, and many e-database accessible through the Internet.

5. Touch cloud learning platform

Our touch-cloud learning and discussion space is built in the library with two chemistry touch-cloud learning platform. Through the platform, on the one hand, students can learn about molecular and chemical information; on the other hand, students can learn about the titration practicing skills required in general chemistry digital experiments.